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Waiting on Payday?


I don’t know about you, but some weeks are more expensive than others, and if you’re waiting on payday, a big bowl of rice and beans will sustain you until the money hits the bank.  That’s why I always keep a bag of dried beans in my pantry. My Mom taught me this trick years ago and it has paid off–literally! Other than being filling and quite inexpensive, beans are really, really good for you!



Sometimes, it’s the simple things in life that we take for granted– milk and cereal, peas and carrots, eggs and bacon, and rice and beans. Interestingly, rice and beans have been staple menu items in many cuisines for centuries, but is this by chance or by design? Did our ancestors realize the composition of these foods actually results in a complete protein? Both rice and beans are supplemental proteins (incomplete) in that each is abundant and deficient in an essential amino acid. The nutrient profiles of these foods allows them to work synergistically in producing a complete protein.

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At the Grocery Store Again! Schnitzel!!!

pork schnitzel

I swear I’m at the grocery store everyday. I only go once a day, but I am definitely at the grocery store every day. Some people hate going; I actually don’t mind it, as long as I’m not full. If I’ve just eaten, I am totally NOT inspired to cook. However, if I’m starving, I go down the frozen aisle for visual inspiration, then head out to find the ingredients to make it myself. It’s kind of a game.

Anyway, I’m in line the other day and these two German guys were in front of me. I’d seen them all over the store while I had been shopping, and I even helped them select a mustard, which was weird because I thought German’s knew mustard like Italians know pasta.  So I go get in line and the German guys are in front of me. I ask them what they’re gonna make…they say, with thick German accents,”Schnitzel”. “Schnitzel?”, I say. “Schnitzel”. I was trying to recall if I’d ever said that word before…Schnitzel. I hadn’t. Throughout my entire life, I’ve never said the word “Schnitzel”.  Try it. Just say “Schnitzel” out loud, like three or four times. It’s a funny word. I may start using it in place of profanity.pork schnitzel Continue Reading