Baby, It’s Cold Outside

When it’s warmer in Russia, you know it’s cold here. Our heater went out today and all I could do was stay bundled up with a space heater and blankets. Then, I got to thinking about chili. A big, warm tasty bowl of bonafide Texas chili. Nothing warms a girl’s heart more than chili…well, maybe diamonds, but not today!! Here’s the best recipe you’ll find outside of Terlingua, so make a big batch and invite your friends over!

Now don’t call me about because of the sour cream topping…I made it a tad too hot for my kiddo, so I had to improvise. And I ate mine (sans sour cream) before I even thought of taking a picture. Yum!!!!

In this version, I actually made “Frito-Pie”, that’s chili with a layer of crunchy Frito’s and oozy cheddar cheese. SO delish….

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