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Bean Soup

My husband hates beans because he’s from Minnesota. My daughter won’t eat them due to the “fart factor” (she’s a teenager). But I find them delicious, healthy and quite comforting, especially on a rainy day when I don’t have time to stand in the kitchen and break my back cooking…

Bean Soup

I buy a “15-bean mix” from the bulk section. You can buy a bag of “15 Bean Soup Mix” off the grocery shelves, but it has a package of seasonings that I question…so I just buy the beans and add my own seasonings…and some sausage for the husband to interest him in the beans…
Beans and Cornbread

Did you know black beans are the highest bean source of antioxidants? Yep. Research indicates the consumption of black beans may improve cardiovascular health, reduce inflammation and assist in eliminating bad cholesterol. The specific phytonutrients found in black beans are flavonoids: delphinidin, petunidin and malvidin. These flavonoids control lipid metabolism and positively aid in the excretion of cholesterol.

The fiber acts like a vacuum cleaner in our digestive tract–it “sweeps out harmful toxins, pathogens and extra sugar. Soluble fiber also assists in maintaining the body’s natural pH level. Legumes are naturally alkaline, whereas most people have elevated acidic pH levels due to diets high in meat, cheese and processed foods. Through the consumption of the high-alkaline legume, the pH level is balanced, allowing the liver and other organs to function properly.beans and cornbread

Cook up a quick batch of homemade cornbread and call it dinner…

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