Classic Chicken Spaghetti

It’s cold again today, so I’m whipping up one of my classic, “snuggle-up” recipes…


Classic Chicken Spaghetti

This recipe should serve more than 6 – 9 people, but at my house, everyone goes for seconds, and I mean BIG seconds. It doesn’t last long and the warmed leftovers are even better!img_3313

After college, I lived off this recipe for weeks at a time during the winter. Cost efficient and filling, it helped me save a dime or two in between paychecks. Then, and now, it reminds me of being home on a cold Sunday afternoon, snuggled up with my Mom, watching classic black-and-white movies. Nothing better than a food hug!img_3319

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NOTE: Please don’t be put-off by the length of the recipe! You’re basically doing three things at once: baking chicken, sauteing vegetables, and boiling water!!!



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