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Classic Vegetable Soup

You’ll want to keep a big batch of this classic vegetable soup on hand. Each day, put some in a thermal cup, and throw it in your bag before you head out the door. This will ensure you have, at your fingertips and, at any time, an ample amount of nutrients to get through the day. A cup a day will discourage binge or over-eating and give your body the power to keep up with your busy lifestyle!
A full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and fiber are provided through the inclusion of carrots, baby Lima and green beans, sweet peas, celery, onions and crushed tomatoes.
If every school in America included vegetable soup on their menu as a required daily item, students would probably be a bit healthier and more alert throughout the day. Instead, pizza, burgers and chicken nuggets are daily staples on school menus in the United States. No wonder we have a higher incidence of onset diabetes, particularly in children.

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