I’ve been making cornbread the same way for years and it never fails. This family gem comes from my Mom; she got it from her Mom, Lucille, and Lucille got it from her Mom, Zollie, aka “Jammer”.  Even though we’ve never found an actual hand-written recipe from Zollie or Lucille, we do have an email from the 80’s sent from my Mom to my  Aunt Darlene. Mom claims she got it in 1960, when she married my Dad. Tried and true. A classic. Best cornbread recipe

Some people want to challenge the cornbread and I can’t for the life of me figure out “why”??? Do you add sugar? Should it be fluffy? Can you add corn to it? All I can say is: cream gravy does not have parsley in it; chili does not have beans and cornbread is not light and sweet–in the South, we call that cake. There it is and I’m sticking to it.

corned beef, cornbread, peas, cabbageCornbread goes with just about everything. Here we have a nice Irish dish: corned beef, cabbage, peas and….cornbread.New Year's Peas

And here, we’ve got a bowl of black-eyed peas and cornbread, with a green onion and a glass of champagne..perfect for New Year’s!!!

beans and cornbread

Bean soup and cornbread. Simple. Healthy. Filling. Cheap. Delicious. Next time you’re in a quandary about cornbread, don’t be! Just use this tried and true recipe that works every time.

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