Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Making perfect scrambled eggs doesn’t require a lot of fancy ingredients or tools…just technique. Even the most experienced cooks have been known to screw up a plate of scrambled eggs…it happens. Here, I’ll show you how to master the perfect scrambled eggs every time!

perfect scrambled egg


Complete Protein

Eggs are a complete protein. A complete protein includes all 9 essential amino acids (recall from high school biology that amino acids are the building blocks of protein). Our bodies produce 21 non-essential amino acids; however, there are 9 essential amino acids that must be obtained from food. Now, you can obtain these 9 essential amino acids through a variety of foods–complete and incomplete; but, an egg will provide you with all 9 essential amino acids. Other ways to obtain all 9 essential amino acids are to eat complementary proteins, like rice and beans. Alone, rice and beans are incomplete proteins, however, when combined, they form a complete protein. Other complete proteins include spinach, black and garbanzo beans, split peas, potatoes, avocados and quinoa. perfect scrambled eggs


Wrist Action

I use 1/2 tablespoon of butter for every two eggs; just eggs–no milk or seasonings. Heat the butter on medium, beat the eggs, and throw them in the skillet. By the time you’ve taken the bowl to the dishwasher and thrown away the egg shells, you should see a firm, bright yellow circle forming on the outside of the eggs. Turn the heat down a smidgen, and start to stir in a Circle 8. Continue stirring in a Circle 8 format until the eggs begin to coagulate. Lift up the skillet if they start to stick. The entire process should take about two minutes or so. The finished product should have a slight sheen; if your eggs do not appear a tad bit shiny, you’ve overcooked them. Overcooking results in dry, rubbery eggs because the proteins have shriveled and the moisture in the egg has been overheated either due to high heat or from cooking the eggs too long.

Watch the Video

This video is not super-edited; I only edited out the melting butter (who wants to watch butter melt?) but the “real time” in cooking the eggs is what you see here. Share this video with your kids and let them start learning how to cook!!

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