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Spice is Nice

Since Ground Hog’s Day, I’ve been thinking about the next six weeks and I’ve decided it’s time to back-off the comfort food and lighten up a bit. It’s not going to warm up outside anytime soon. It will be cold all through February and into March. In May, BAM! Pool season is here and I’m going to be challenged to find a long-sleeve tankini…time to “salad-up”!

This “winteresque” salad provides a ton of fiber, nutrients and vitamins, as well as a nice punch of sweet heat! The dressing is a combination of  Calabria peppers, sriracha (or Rooster Sauce) and ground red peppers. This is no sissy salad. In fact, it’s got the heat of a Szechuan warrior. Luckily, you are in control of the degree of heat….The dressing will warm you up and the veggies and fiber from the cannellini and garbanzo beans will keep you full. Garbanzo and cannellini beans are both complex carbohydrates, which means they are slower to break down; this allows the blood sugar levels to operate at a more consistent level, rather than spiking then falling, as is with simple carbohydrates.

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