Why’s and How-To’s

Do you ever wonder, “Why?” when you’re cooking!

Here are a few examples of Why Things Happen to Foods and How-To Avoid Ugly Food!

Food science is not something we think about everyday, but it is an important part of Why ingredients act and react with one another. The chemistry, cellular structure and pigmentation of food play a big role in cooking. There’s a reason toast turns brown; a reason sauces curdle, and a reason why we use cold butter when making a pastry. Rather than delve into a detailed course on food chemistry, here are a few shortcuts to everyday mishaps in the kitchen, and how to avoid them.


How to Prevent Eggplant from Turning Brown

How to Prevent Cauliflower from Turning Yellow

How to Keep Green Vegetables Bright Green

How to Cook Pan Roasted Sweet Corn

How to Make Perfect Scrambled Eggs Everytime

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